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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mood: AHHHH!
Today’s Quote: AHHHH (X2!!!)
Today’s Song: "Psalm" -John Coltrain

You know, a lot has happend since I last posted. I gradimicated, got a job, said good bye to my father for good, and I'm about ready to say good bye to my old job and start another. Life fucking is cazy.

I wouldnt' be posting this except Jacky practicly begged me to do so, and we all know how she gets if she doesn't get her own way. ;-). We hung today, and had a much needed day to unwind and clear my head. We played operation and a game I haven't played since my child hood... "Rat Fuck", which is a cool card game. I owned at everything except RF. Yea Jacky is as cool as John Coltrain. You know, I guess I shouldnt' even compare her to him. I mean, who was there for me when I was down, who taught me so much about life, and who showed me sides of myself I never knew. Sorry John, it wont' happen again.

I fell in love. It is a cream colored Jackson RR5. This is a pic. of one ~~> HERE <~~~

John Coltrain ROCKS!!!!!

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