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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Mood: enlightened
Today’s Quote: "Kirk Hammet is the ultimate mall chick guitar player" - Jason Feathers
Today’s Song: "One Word" - Mahavishnu Orchestra

Just so you know, Kirk Hammet is Metallica's Lead guitar player. Jason can be silly sometimes.

I feel so awesome. I am finding stuff out about things I never knew. I feel so important, yet so small in this vast, yet magnificent universe. As a new phase of my life begins, I am sitting and reflecting upon the life I have lead so far. I am blessed with so much. It is scary though, but I know I'll be able to do it.

John McLaughlin has to be one of the best guitar players who ever walked this amazing planet. Every note pierces one's soul. If you asked me who the best guitar player was, I could not answer, but on a list of the top ten in no order, he would be one of the first people I mentioned. Many people don't like him, which is ok. To those who says he sucks, I call fools. Fusion is one of the coolest genres of music to exist. Despite the name, this tune has no words. Its a freaking awesome instrumental.

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